Is your CRM a Vital Sales & Productivity Tool …or a Nuisance?

By Enabliser Howard

Do your sales people use CRM as little as possible or just keep basic contact information?  Would you drive a car with a brick under the accelerator so you don’t go above 30? It is not hard to do this with your CRM. For example, can your people collaborate on a sale and see what each other is doing? Is forecasting a major headache and rarely accurate?  It’s easy to remove the brick.

Maybe your people just need more training, you say, or can the system be tweaked and tuned and made (even) more user friendly, and do more for you?

A sales-focused CRM system will model your sales process. It shouldn’t be hard to do. If you call Opportunities, Future Deals, we can call them that. It is easy to have a workflow which steps the users through each stage of your process, with perhaps a button to advance it to the next stage. How easy is that? With a graphic pipeline display, setting priorities is easy. When everyone records call information in the same place, and can find it, and see what others are doing with any organisation, how easy is that? Working as a team – you can do it! And quotations and calculations and associated documents are all where people can find them, too. What was that about a team?

This is a basic part of a CRM setup.

Forecasting can be easy too. A good value-added item. With CRM it is easy! Just get sales people to keep their Opportunities up to date with expected Close Date and Value (or do a monthly update in time for the forecast deadline).  Imagine how easy the input from your sales people will be for Forecasting now! No more hassling or guessing. Just print a report.

If done well, CRM is an indispensable tool that no sales person will be without. It helps with collaboration, keeping all information in an easily accessible place, prevents any person or activity being overlooked or falling between the cracks, is a Calendar/Appointment and To Do List. Beyond these, it is a customer service tool, with automatic steps and follow ups if the required follow ups don’t happen, and the sales person can see what is happening.

For Help Desk it is a Knowledge Base with answers to the most common problems. CRM is a marketing tool too. Integrated to your accounting system, you can turn quotes into sales orders and simplify and automate sometimes time consuming order entry processes.

If CRM isn’t doing these things, why not?

For guidance on selecting a CRM System, download our Enabling Whitepaper - How to Choose a CRM System.  Click on this link:

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