Work Hard or Work Smart: Outgrowing your Accounting System

By Enabliser Howard

It is easy to become preoccupied with our daily tasks and miss what is staring us in the face – we are working flat out but it isn’t generating growth. The old expression, “Can’t see the wood for the trees” comes to mind. If we are really busy – although important things - we can lose sight of the big picture. This can include opportunities. Maybe your IT system is holding you back; with everyone so busy you fail to take notice of what is working well and what is not.  We’re working hard, but are we working smart?

An ERP/accounting system with good reporting will show you what is doing well and what isn’t doing well in the business – so you can fix it.  A system with good analysis might save you more time than you expect, and save you money too. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Instead of many spreadsheets, too much data entry and checking for errors, wouldn’t an efficient, integrated system make it easier?

  • Is your system making your organisation slow and lethargic instead of fast and nimble, able to grasp opportunities and growth?

  • Is it time to streamline your processes, be lean and efficient, simplify and automate manual processes?

And finally, if all your information and processes are in a single system, not spread across different applications and files, the efficiencies and insights can be of huge benefit to your business!

Our customers tell us they could not have grown without making the change. One said they grew over 30% with no extra overheads. For another customer, 60% was the growth, with webstore linked to inventory and price files so they all work as one, all up to date automatically.  The old way was too cumbersome and inefficient - comfortable, familiar, but hindering their growth. You don’t need to spend weeks on month end, or hours preparing a report, a good system does it in minutes. With modern systems, many manual processes can be automated, from running reports to processing supplier payments. Your staff have time to look after important things, like customers, instead of manual activities, duplicated data entry and paper shuffling.

To find out more about freeing yourself from an IT system you’ve grown out of, replaced with a streamlined system, efficient and agile, click here to talk to an Enabling Trusted Advisor.

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