The Winning Edge for Project Managers

By Enabliser Kim

How can project managers stay ahead more easily, keep on top of all items of a project and stay on-time and on budget? There is a better way than spreadsheets, only providing columns of data. What if you had a tool that manages time, scope and budget, all integrated into one simple database?

Project managers need to:

  • Have an online/offline tool and be able to use it in the office and on-site.
  • Find, communicate and monitor project documents, with the right people, instantly.
  • Focus on opportunities to drive business performance and results.
  • Investigate project issues and act immediately.

There is a solution far beyond spreadsheets. Its focus is purely on managing projects, designed by people who know project management inside out. Project Management Software manages time, scope and budget, and runs entirely on one database. And everyone can share it. 

For both project managers and businesses, this is an opportunity to use innovative tools—and at the same time keep projects on track.

For project managers, project management software has transformed the construction industry and many others. The people embracing these changes have a distinct career advantage and businesses do too.

If a project manager is remarkably more effective and efficient, will this help them do better in the future? The simple answer is yes. Project managers who fail to keep up to date and use the most effective tools are limiting themselves and holding their organisation back.

If you want an innovative edge in project management, see how our Project Management Software solution integrates all project management functions into Outlook. Contact us for a free demonstration.

Or read one of our whitepapers, A Practical Approach to a Construction Industry Integrated Solution for more information on ways Enabling assists project managers.

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