A Whole New View of our Business - Anywhere….Anytime for DIM Furniture

As our business has grown and evolved, we have found ourselves working with more and more information from a variety of different sources. We currently have four sites, each of which is running an independent Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) database. Inventory planning had always been done separately for each site with more reliance on gut instinct and subjective experience than real facts. There had to be a better way to do things.
Implementation of the Sage Inventory Advisor solution turned out to be a lot simpler than we had expected. With all sites feeding a single Sage Inventory Advisor system, we can now easily query any product at any site and see its sales history, forecast and recommended order. We still value the ordering expertise of our people, but they are now using a structured approach which saves them hours, and allows them to focus on important decisions instead of collection and processing of data.
Sage Inventory Advisor has had a dramatic impact on the overall thinking within our business. We are all too familiar with the need to reduce stock, but now it can become a reality with the tools that Sage Inventory Advisor provides. With the right information at hand, we can now identify excess and shortfalls quickly and take action to get the right stock to the right place at the right time. All this power is presented in a clean user interface that is simple to learn and start using straight away. Dashboards allow us to target the worst offenders first, and detailed reports can be exported into spreadsheets for analysis.
We just wish all our systems were as easy to use as Sage Inventory Advisor
Bill Dimarelos
Operations Manager, DIM Furniture

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