When is a Greentree Backup not a backup?

Enabliser Elizabeth

Greentree has it’s own set of tools as part of the jade database to ensure that a Backup is run as often as required and part of the backup process is to check the integrity of the data.  If these tools are not used to create the Greentree backup then your backup is not a backup.  A copy of the database is not considered an appropriate backup for Greentree.  If your system is not running a daily “online backup” then you may find that the integrity of your database is compromised.  If unsure then you should talk to your Greentree Consultant.

Are you also backing up any other external files you use with Greentree, i.e. Excel Spreadsheets or Access Databases?  This will not be part of the normal “online backup” process in Greentree, so must be considered when deciding on a Greentree Backup strategy.

Have you ever tested restoring your Greentree database from a backup?  If not then this is also a failure to ensure that you have a good backup strategy.

Here is a little story based on a real client who discovered the hard way that their backup was not working:

Client X called one morning to ask for my assistance as they had had a server failure over the weekend and wanted to get Greentree back up and running on a new server.  No problem I thought as I knew this site was running an online backup each day.  However the online backup was being made to the same server that Greentree was running on, this backup was then backed up to tape each night, so at worst if the tape backup had not happened before the server failed we would lose a day’s data entry.  So on site I start to look at the tape backups and found that the directory where the online backup had been created each night was not being backed up to tape.  We checked the daily tapes, the weekly tapes and the monthly tapes – we could not find a single backup that contained the Greentree Online backup directory - the IT department were a little red faced to say the least.  The only thing I could do for the client was give them a copy of their data that I had just happened to have kept from a month prior to the hardware failure, they then had to re do a month’s worth of data entry.  Has this copy not existed, the situation would have been worse and would have required a reimplementation.

The moral to the story is obvious – your backup is only as good as the last time you tested restoring it!

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