What's New with Sage X3?

Sage excited to announce the global update of Sage X3.

Product Update

The latest Sage X3 product update includes several enhancements to accelerate manufacturing planning with the new graphical scheduler, improve food safety by tracking allergens, retrieve weighing-scales data, and ensure precise control of ingredients used through the manufacturing process. Evolutions within the product also include contact and calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and attaching Office documents as part of a business process and workflow. Lastly, new financial capabilities ensure compliance with new Euro-zone bank transfer standards (SEPA), improve the management of fixed assets, and extend multilegislation capabilities to 20 available legislations. This product update is available globally.

Service in the Cloud

Sage X3 launches as a service in the cloud. The cloud solution enables customers to simplify software management and free up IT resources while taking advantage of the Sage X3 enterprise-class functionality, security, and scalability—at a more affordable and predictable subscription cost. The solution offers all of the core functionality of Sage X3 in a reliable cloud environment, including mobile applications. Sage X3 in the cloud is available in the U.S. and Canada first, in the U.K. and Ireland later this summer, and globally over the next year.

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