What You Are Missing Out On If Your Are Not Using Opportunity Management Yet?

By Enabliser Helene

Opportunity Management is part of what most CRM systems call Sales Force Automation. Opportunities display important details about the deals your teams are working on, like how much each one is worth, who you’re competing against, and what stage the deal is at. You can also track associated activities as they happen. With Opportunities you’ll never be out of the loop.

If you use Opportunity Management, you can achieve the following:

More Sales
Help close deals faster because you keep key deal information up to date and centrally available and can re-use it
Use scheduled email reminders to ensure that sales teams keep opportunity information up to date
Help streamline proposal creation with templates  (document management capabilities)
Create and monitor customised offers and pricing for each opportunity

Team Working Best Way
Ensure your team is working consistently according to agreed sales processes and following required workflows
Managers have better information on how the team is doing and where they are up to with each Opportunity
Streamline collaboration across your organisation with workflows or tasks
More easily identify and leverage  involved people in the sales process

Know What’s Going On
Improve sales lead tracking with fast, easy analysis of your CRM sales pipeline. Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the sales cycle and determine the cause of any downgraded sales opportunities
Track product-relevant information for each opportunity including quantity, standard price, quoted price and product codes
More effectively position against the competition with centrally kept competitor tracking 
Monitor competitors and track key competitive issues on each deal. Roll up competitive data in win-loss reports to understand trends and emerging threats

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