Track Your Sales Pipeline Easily for Key Insights into your Business

By Enabliser Helene
A valuable feature of most CRM systems, but not used fully by many people, is the Sales Pipeline. The Sales Pipeline helps your managers accurately predict future business based on all Opportunities in progress.

The following things need to happen to track your sales pipeline:

  1. Sales reps record their Opportunities in the CRM system
  2. Sales reps estimate the value of each Opportunity, the probability and likely closing date
  3. Every month (or when you require it) sales reps create their own sales forecast based on their Opportunity pipeline. When happy with the result they summit it to their manager
  4. The manager gets a summarised view showing everyone’s forecast and can create a team forecast to send to his/her manager or discuss as required
  5. The manager can look at the forecast history to compare the submitted forecast with previous ones
  6. A key benefit of using a sales pipeline is that it will help you identify key trends for deals won or lost and the sales process can continuously be improved.

An indirect benefit of using the sales pipeline is the improvement of accountability when you need to justify your forecast. Sales reps will most likely improve their forecasting skills as you use the CRM Pipeline - creating increasingly accurate pipelines.

Other benefits of keeping track of your sales pipeline include:

  • Improved financial planning
  • Increased accuracy of revenue projection with team forecasting
  • Track your pipeline by dates, financial periods or other predefined criteria
  • Track sales quota versus revenue at individual or group level

Using Pipeline management makes forecasting easy and improves accuracy. With more accurate information you increase accountability and run your operation more effectively. Find out more about CRM Systems by visiting or click on this link to contact us

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