System Design and Setup: Multi Company Database Decisions

By Enabliser Anne

When designing a new system and when multiple companies are in play, decisions often have to be made regarding how you design the General Ledger. Do you want one General Ledger (one ‘company’) with a segment in the chart of accounts distinguishing the individual companies? Or do you have a separate General Ledger per company?

Usually each General Ledger will have its own set of sub-ledgers, so the decision gets more complicated.

The following are the crucial things to consider which have an impact on the final decision:

1.     Does each company have the same ‘home’ currency?

2.     Is ‘inter-company’ functionality required and what is the level of sophistication?

3.     Is ‘consolidation’ reporting required? What is the requirement for eliminations?

4.     Does each company have to report BAS separately or can it be done consolidated?

5.     Does each company have its own set of Customers and Vendors or are they shared?

6.     Does each company have its own inventory or are they shared?

7.     Does each company have its own bank accounts and how is this handled?

8.     Does each company have separate staff and separate security setup requirements?

Only through the careful consideration of the above can an informed decision be made.

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