The Seven Habits of Highly Effective CRM Users

By Enabliser Helene

Habit 1 – Be Proactive With Your Customers
Contact your customers frequently, over the phone, via emails, mail outs, newsletter, face to face. Make sure you are in your customer’s head so that they think of you when they need your product or service instead of going to your competitor.

Remember what they tell you and make sure to deliver on what you discuss.

Habit 2 – Be a Learning Machine 
Continue to learn and grow in your area of your expertise. Stay on top of what is happening and look for ways to deliver what you learn to your customers. Providing value to your customers is key to having happy customers.

Habit 3 – Deliver the Most Important Thing First
The way to stay ahead of your competitors is to provide truckloads of value to your customers. Deliver what your customer value and really want first, and then move to other things they need.
Make sure you learn to prioritise and identify the most important things first.

Habit 4 –Build Trust and Long Term Relationships
Strong relationships are fundamental to the growth of any business. How strong are your customer relationships? Do your customers trust you?
It is important for your customers to know that they can trust you and your products and services and that they get good value for what they pay for. If you have strong relationships, your customers will return and refer you to others.

Habit 5 – Be Customer Specific
Why do customers want to establish a relationship with you? You must find out on a deep level what your customers value. Some will value a close relationship with you while others want only a transactional relationship. Your CRM vision must be flexible enough to satisfy both these groups.
This mistake actually has two parts. The first is that we think we actually know who are customers really are. The second is that we treat every customer the same.
Always keep your specific customer in mind. Treat everyone different.

Habit 6 – Work Together With Your Customers
Think about your customer’s success rather than your own. When you help your customers to succeed, you win as well in the form of successful outcomes, return customers, and referrals. Think win-win.
Work closely together with your customers and create a better solution than they could have done alone.  How can you do more for your customers?

Habit 7 – Think Strategically and Long Term
Make sure you know the CRM vision and long term priorities for your company and team. When the “why” is clear, it becomes easier to priorities and know what to focus on. What are the reasons behind the vision and what is the roadmap to get there?

What habits would you add to this list?

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