SAP B1 - Authorisations

By Enabliser Kerrie


SAP B1 - Version: 8.8.2

Some good news from the SAP Business One 8.8 family is the ability to now print a user’s ‘Authorisations’ report. 

Managing authorisations in a company with a large amount of staff can be quite time consuming, and add to that your Auditors want to know who can do what?

1. Open your Authorisation window (Administration → System Initialisation → Authorisations → General Authorisations). 
2. Select the Export to Excel icon and choose one or multiple users from the selection criteria window. 
3. Click on the OK button and the complete Authorisations for the user/users will be exported to an Excel worksheet.

Not sure what process each of the Authorisations allows your users to complete. 
Please see also SAP B1 How-to Guide: How to Define Authorizations.

Happy Authorising!!!

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