SAP B1 – Auto Distribution of Statements from SAP B1 with AutoDoc

Enabliser Matt

One of the main pitfalls in SAP B1 is the lack of ability to distribute customer statements via Email or Fax to the relevant customers within a single run.

This is possible via the use of a third party standalone product from Streamline Software called AutoDoc.

The AutoDoc software acts as a local printer ensuring the end user simply prints to it as would they print to a physical printer.

AutoDoc, based on the rules defined within the application and the report being printed, will then scan each page and search for either and email address or fax number in white font. The white font ensures that this information is not visible to the end user receiving the report.

A predefined email / fax message will be associated to the form being sent and will accompany each statement which can be written to adhere to company guidelines. This ensures that end users do not need to write the email body and subject each time and ensures the company format is always used.

For any page which does not contain either an email or fax number will then be redirected to the physical printer to be printed.

As well as distributing the report to the recipient it can also archive a copy to a nominated directory under a customer folder if defined, for each copy that has been sent. This ensures that a copy is always present if a copy is re requested as well as ensuring that this has been sent to AutoDoc and ultimately to the customer.

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