Sage Survey - How Executives View Mobile Technology Within Their Business – Part 4

When asked about where mobile technology had a positive effect, seven out of ten mentioned that it was especially effective for customer service (70%). It also helped employees conduct business during inclement weather and conduct remote meetings. Twenty-one percent of executives report that mobile technology has helped bring more work to their company. When asked to expand on the positive effect of mobile technology, respondents mentioned the benefits of keeping in contact with all employees, wherever they are working at any time of the day, that it can reduce the time spent commuting to the office, and meeting client needs by providing in-home and off-site services. 

Slightly more than three quarters of business executives generally do not budget for mobile devices, preferring instead to purchase them as the need arises. Five percent report that their business sets an annual budget for mobile items and sticks to it, while slightly more than one in ten (12%) sets an annual budget and adjusts expenditures as needed.

Extract taken from Sage Survey on Mobile Devices 2014 | Summary Report

Click here to download the Sage Mobile Devices 2014 | Summary Report

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