Sage ERP Accpac - How to Make Inter Company/Inter Fund Management Easy

Enabliser Steve

Do you buy or sell goods and services to related companies?

Do you transfer cash or allocate expenses or revenue across multiple Funds?

Do you process payments or cash receipts on behalf of Branches or Divisions in your organisation?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions we can how to make managing these types of transactions in Sage ERP Accpac easy. Orchid Systems’ Inter Entity Transactions module has a new Cash Management feature that processes cash related transactions in Bank Services across multiple databases. The new IY TRADE module facilitates buying and selling between related companies by creating an AP Invoice automatically from an AR Invoice (and vice versa) as well as creating a PO Order, Receipt and Invoice from an OE Order, Shipment and Invoice respectively (and vice versa). It automates these routine processes, saves time, increases accuracy. Hard to believe?

Ask your consultant for more information or have a look at .

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