Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 - Locking & Unlocking Fiscal Years/Periods Separately


Version 6 of Sage ERP Accpac allows you to lock and unlock fiscal periods for individual modules. In the past you had to do it for all modules only.

This great feature minimises the risk of transactions being posted to the wrong years and periods and to the wrong modules. If you are trying to track transactions, this much easier to track where they came from.  While locking prevents entries and posting in that module, transactions also flow to other modules, such as using Order Entry.

Here are a few guidelines to make the best use of this:

  1. Lock Operations modules before Financial modules.
  2. Bank Services. When locking, also lock modules integrating directly with it- AR, AP.
  3. Don’t lock AR and AP if you need to post bank reconciliations or reversals.
  4. Bank Services. If you are still processing cheques and receipts in other modules, don’t lock Bank Services.
  5. GL. Create and post all outstanding GL batches before locking GL.

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