Sage CRM Integrated to LinkedIn

Enabliser Able

So, we're now living in the Digital Age (apparently!), where we're all thinking and communicating in 140 characters, friend-ing the world, connecting with networks and the blogosphere is the new place to belong! So as a Sage CRM user, how can you manage social media and ensure that you are making the most of all these different outlets from within Sage CRM?

Sage CRM v7 integrates out-of-the-box with LinkedIn®, providing users with instant knowledge about customers and providing users with endless networking opportunities. Users can quickly access LinkedIn directly from a gadget on the Interactive Dashboard. From here, users can identify connections that could open doors to new business partnerships, potentials clients, and a wealth of information on existing customers and prospect customers to help in developing further sales opportunities. Invest time in creating an interesting LinkedIn profile so that you look credible when you make connections. Add existing customers who are happy to recommend you to connections within their own network.

RSS and website feeds can be added through a gadget on the Interactive Dashboard in Sage CRM v7 enabling users to deliver relevant and powerful content such as news headlines, blogs, news monitoring services and content summaries. This allows users to opt-in to feeds from blogs or websites that are relevant to their role. Users can add the RSS feed from their twitter account to display tweets from a twitter account. Twitter is a place that people use to search for information and connections. It enables users to tap into an amazing community of people / customers / potential customers from around the world to find out what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing in different ways. It has been described as the new 'online water cooler', where people come to connect and collaborate with other like-minded users.

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