The Sage CRM Community

By Enabliser Natasha

This Community is an extra favourite on your tool bar, it has information on the latest upgrades, add-ons and anything else that can help boost your Sage CRM integration and achieve even more with your solution. It will never replace your Sage CRM consultant, as they know your solution intimately - it’s an added bonus!

This site is regularly attended by Sage CRM professionals, Sage employees, Developers, Third party producers and users.

This Sage CRM Community website is divided into five key areas:

  • About Sage CRM – this section is for those who have little or no knowledge of Sage CRM but need more information about the benefits of Sage CRM.
  • User Community – suitable for new and old Sage CRM users and includes Blogs from CRM professions and Forums giving you the opportunity to ask questions to the entire community. Certainly quicker and more reliable than a general web search!
  • Partner Community – similar to the User Community but primarily focused on professional Sage partners.
  • Apps & Extras – for partners and users and a very exciting window into the development of Apps and Extras for Sage CRM. These include most recently information on integration to Linked In, Twitter and Google Maps.
  • On-Demand – all about On-Demand CRM and includes a free trial.

So, next time you want read up on the new exciting happenings with your Sage CRM solution, or just want to know what is possible with your solution, go to the Sage CRM Community!

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