A Sage CRM 7.1 Tip - Editing Coaching Captions

By Enabliser Shaila

Sage CRM by default adds coaching tips to each screen. These tips are intended to help users understand the functionality of each screen.

To really enhance your Sage CRM 7.1**, edit the coaching captions and tailor them to your company. This will help new and existing users understand what and how each screen is used for within your company.

To edit the coaching captions:

Click on Administration à Customization à Translations.

Tick Inline coaching captions editing.

Navigate to the caption that you would like to edit ie The customer find screen.

Click Add / Edit Coaching Text.


Type in your coaching caption or copy the caption of another screen using the onscreen prompts.

Once complete un-tick the Inline coaching captions editing.

**Requires user to be an administrator of the system.

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