Sage CRM - 10 underused features in

Enabliser  Nathalie

There are many features in Sage CRM which you may not use. Check these and see what you are missing:

  1. Recent button – quickly navigate back to person, companies, cases or opportunities you have been working on recently
  2. Quick Appointments and Quick Tasks in the Calendar
  3. Advanced Find – ability to find records based on “OR” queries (for example, case SLA is Gold or Platinum and company region is in NSW).
  4. Saved Search – Save Search criteria commonly used, such as all GOLD customers.
  5. Complex views to enhance the standard report writer – see a separate article on this.
  6. Linked fields in the customisations area: use to default values on one screen based on a field on another table, for example default the case SLA to the company SLA.
  7. Adding new themes to match the CRM look and feel to your corporate style
  8. Customising the help with the Inline Translation mode
  9. Inline translation mode can also be used to modify values in a Drop down list. The user updating the drop down list doesn’t need to find the table or field name, just Tick Inline translation mode, go back to the screen with the drop down and update by clicking on the star. To set this up go to Administration/Customisation and the Translation section is there.
  10. Customising the Coaching captions with the Inline Coaching Captions editing – This can be added to new screens and to standard screens. It lets you guide the users through the sales process, explain some terminology, e.g. when to select option A vs Option B.

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