Run Anywhere with SAP Business One for your Mobile Sales & Service Teams | Webinar

Run your business from anywhere at anytime you choose!

Find out how to remove the office wall boundaries and increase productivity and support for sales and service teams on the road.

Coresuite mobility partnered by SAP Business One gives you the ability to connect with your business, employees, suppliers and your customers - anywhere you are, anywhere they are. 

Coresuite Mobility partnered by SAP Business One

Live Webinar Presentation

6th May 2015

12 noon AEST

45 minutes presentation
+ Q&A time

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For example: 

Say my employee, Able is on a delivery to one of our customers. Before going Able checks his device and is given, not only directions, but the customers name, contact details, communication and order history and preferred payment method.

Upon arrival our customer questions Abel about a specific item and if it's in stock - Able checks to see if stock is available instantly, and makes the order on the spot.  As Able begins to unload his delivery, he considers the item is heavy, too heavy for one member of staff to lift so Able checks his mobile map app to see if another team member is near by -  from his app he can now see the location of every team member and who is closest and might be able to assist.

Able's Sales Manager can also see his, and his entire sales teams location, and he has asked to catch up with Able at the local cafe for a meeting. The Sales Manager can access through is mobile device Able's daily productivity and measure this against agreed KPIs - and bingo, Able's doing well this month and will get a bonus, well done son.

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