ReGenOne powered by Enabling has been recognised with an Excellence Award by the CCAV.

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV) is the peak state industry body for the cemeteries and crematoria industry in Victoria.

The CCAV Excellence Award recognises Individual achievement/excellence, or Innovation showing great potential for the industry – ReGenOne’s proactive release Deceased & Interment Register spreadsheet to the industry earlier in the year has been very well received. This award is through nomination by industry members and then evaluated by the Committee of Management, the joint award was given to Claire Shelvey, Enabling and the ReGenOne Team at the CCAV AGM last Friday.

ReGenOne has developed a Deceased Interment Register to assist cemetery trusts in the management of their deceased and interment records. It is based on the Registers developed by the Department of Health in Victoria which they distributed as bound books.

Shelvey says that “Enabling recognise that smaller trusts cannot afford to operate a sophisticated records management systems used by the larger metropolitan Trusts, but have the same need for accurate records management. We offer this simple Excel-based tool as a step towards securing your records in digital format. This has been designed so that you don't need high-level PC skills. We've laid out the pages so they'll scroll well on screen and you won't lose headings. Plus, we added drop-downs to conform to Department of Health suggested data, like BR for burials, and we set up the pages so you can print them easily.”  

The document contains 4 worksheets for your cemetery records:

  • Right of Interment Register: to record grave, crypt & cremation memorial sales details
  • Deceased Register: to record deceased & interment information
  • Memorial Order Register: to record plaque & headstone order information
  • Permits Register: to keep track of monumental mason permits issued

Tips & Tricks are included as well on a separate tab. These will give you guidance on saving your document, securing back-up copies, using search and filtering options in MS Excel. Even if you already have computerised deceased and interment records, you might find some handy Excel hints hiding here.

For more information contact Enabling or visit our ReGenOne website

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