QlikView Web - Truly A Powerful Reporting Tool

By Enabliser Jaco

Session Sharing
A QlikView application allows users to provide insight and analysis to any data set in which it has been designed against. Moving away from static reporting, using all of QlikView’s standard functions and features to represent data in numerous ways, this is a truly powerful and tool.

Sometimes though decisions need to be made by more than one person based on data presented, or the data needs to be adjusted based on other users inputs.
Traditionally this is done by producing reports and then sending these via email to other users to review, reports are then re-produce based on different parameters and then sent back to the originator. When more than two users need to make decisions, this process is further complicated with many versions of the reports circulating there is no longer a ‘single version of the truth’.
With QlikView Server and its inbuilt session sharing this old cumbersome approach is no more.

Session sharing as its interpreted allows many users to simultaneously connect to a single QlikView application and make selections on the fly, ensuring each users view is updated in real time. More importantly session sharing can include users whom don’t have a QlikView license, as long as they have a web browser and can access to the network in which the QlikView application resides then they can be involved in the decision making process.

The benefit of such functionality is not only a ‘single version of the truth’ but also a faster decision making and catering for everyone’s inputs to be considered.

To see session sharing in action watch the below youtube video.
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