Press Release - Satsuma and Enabling join forces - Business Intelligence with QlikView

Two significant IT solution delivery partners join forces to strengthen the QlikView Business Intelligence offering in Victoria, as of the 1st October, 2013.  Satsuma is currently a high performing QlikView partner having been in the industry for more than a decade. Satsuma Director, Matthew Cunneen, says that “the partnership with Enabling allows us to continue to strengthen and grow our QlikView business and builds on our Victorian presence with a well-known and successful local partner in Melbourne.”

Enabling have experienced and dedicated QlikView resources to deliver services to its current QlikView customer base, as well as the capability to offer Business Intelligence services to the wider market. “With QlikView as our leading Business Intelligence tool, and a solid partnership with Satsuma, we now have the final piece in our applications toolkit to deliver true data discovery and intuitive Business Intelligence”, says Enabling Director, Richard Heap. “We’ve always been a huge supporter of QlikView, and we see great opportunity in the market for this type of data and reporting technology.” Heap goes on to say “Any size of data needs to be analysed, whether it is high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety, this information is a huge asset to any business. All organisations need a Business Intelligence solution that can provide enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimisation.  These are all areas where QlikView can deliver for any type or size of business.” Satsuma and Enabling have clear and concise goals for their new QlikView partnership over the next 24 months and together we look forward to providing better business solutions.

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Further Information: Sarah Poole, Corporate Services Director, Enabling – Melbourne office. Phone No.+ 61 3 9501 0100

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