Optimised - Need help with Sage CRM?

By Enabliser Natasha

So you’ve heard the sales pitch and you have Sage CRM set up and now you need help. Sage CRM is one CRM system where the more you learn, the more you will want to do—and one of its key benefits is adaptability.

Any new business software implementation needs training—no deployment ever works unless you understand the system. Training often focuses on coaching a system operator for high-level understanding and everyday-user training. Once training and testing is finished, your software usually goes live. Of course, your business software provider will be there for on-going support—but don’t forget about two other great resources available…

In the My CRM menu in Sage CRM, there is a great section on Getting Started, including:

  • Take the Tour, an introduction to your CRM system’s core components. Including Calendar and Tasks, Outlook Integration, Reporting, Customising, etc.
  • Configure the System, showing users how to personalise their system and settings. Including Dashboard to ensure displayed information is relevant to users.
  • Quick Tips, how to handle common CRM tasks.
  • Further Reading, for when you need to know more…

And the Sage CRM Community is for all users of Sage CRM. Anyone can read the content here, and registered members may participate in the forums. In this section you can access forums and blogs, a wealth of sales and marketing resources, and the full range of add-ons, components and applications to extend your Sage CRM system.

Here are the main areas of the community:

  • Join the User Community to connect with other users, and read articles and news about Sage CRM
  • Find or submit add-ons, components and applications in the Sage CRM Marketplace

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