Never Cease Learning and Never Cease to Grow

By Enabliser Howard

A letter about the value of learning, in a recent newspaper is worth commenting on. The writer quotes a proverb that learning makes a person fit company for themselves, as well as for others. The writer also relates it to the word ‘educare,’ which in Latin means to lead or draw out – seeking answers.

With a passion for learning, you continue to grow and blossom. It beats standing still or going backwards, or just plain going stale. Learning stretches our brain and keeps us mentally young and agile, willing to explore. It helps determine what you still want and need to know. Like breathing, it’s not compulsory. You don’t have to learn.

In our modern, interconnected world, researching and evaluating are easy: energising, enlightening, enabling and expanding can be the result.  There is a Chinese proverb the writer refers to, about the excitement of learning, the need to keep learning, relearning, applying, forgetting and remembering while enjoying the challenge and uncertainty. There can be risk, of mistakes, of failure, but without trying and the inevitable mistakes there can be no learning. Alternatively, there can be risk of success and the excitement of achieving something.

Another Chinese proverb, “to be fond of learning is to be at the gate of knowledge.”

Do we want to grow and blossom? Then keep a passion for learning.

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