MYOB Advanced – What’s the big deal?

By Enabliser Natasha

MYOB Advanced has been launched this year and it joins the very strong, easy to use and competitive ERP products provided by MYOB. MYOB Advanced is a fully functional sophisticated and rich solution and provides a full ERP experience. MYOB Advanced has been specifically designed for larger Australian and New Zealand businesses and is fully ATO compliant.

Firstly MYOB Advanced is a Cloud based business management (ERP) solution – you see more about where MYOB Advanced is hosted Where is MYOB Advanced? As the solution is hosted there is no need to worry about hardware costs or your existing infrastructure being suitable for a new ERP solution. And better yet, all data is stored in Australia in a fully secure local data storage centre. All this means you have secure access anytime anywhere to your information.

MYOB Advanced features and functionality include:

  • Organisational workflows
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Customised screens to match your business processes
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Inventory Control
  • Streamlined Sales and Purchasing
  • Integrated CRM and Customer Service
  • Comprehensive Project Accounting
  • And there is a very comprehensive roadmap including fully integrated payroll to come soon!

The MYOB Advanced suite is fully integrated and designed to meet the cloud computing needs of a growing business. It’s pricing is simple and straight forward, and pricing is by the month so you know exactly what to budget for. There are three editions so you can select the edition and the functionality that suits your business requirements.

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About MYOB

MYOB delivers software and services to more than 1 million businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Our solutions simplify accounting, payroll, client management, websites, and much more.

MYOB Advanced is based on Acumatica and is actually a quite developed product. With Acumatica now 7+ years old, there are now 1,000 businesses globally using the core system that MYOB Advanced is based on.


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