Mobile CRM, what does it mean? and can it really help me?

By Enabliser Natasha

So we’ve all heard the catchcry ‘mobile solution’ but what does this really mean for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution?

Traditionally CRM was used for managing company interactions with current and future customers – using technology to automate and unite customer service, marketing and sales. The key characteristics of a CRM include relationship management, salesforce automation and opportunity management using a single technological platform. CRM’s provide a single silo of information avoiding duplication and errors in data and allowing a whole of company view to Management or those with relevant permissions.

In the recent decade CRM’s have progressed to have powerful integrated analytical and marketing tools. As with the growing trend in recent years CRM’s have also become increasingly mobile - allowing the CRM functionality to be operated and accessed through mobile platforms such as mobile phones, touch devices, etc. This progression has given CRM’s much more relevance to the people who are working out of the office, and who are not tied a single device such as desktop.

Imagine the power of being able to harness all your company and customer information anywhere, anytime.

Today 89% of employees use a mobile for work, while 67% of companies say they would lose competitive ground without these devices.
By 2016, more than 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally. 
Source Citrix (2012), CDW (2013)

But what is a mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM gives everyone, everywhere immediate access to the information they need remotely, using their tablet, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. This information could include company contact details, sales history, invoice history, communications and much more. Imagine being able to access detailed customer information at your fingertips just before an important meeting enabling you to check sales, order or financial information and perform actions quickly and in real time – and all through the now familiar format of a mobile device.

How can this make a difference to your business?

Sales people and management can access customer historical information and open and close sales when at customer sites or on the road, check credit limits, and much more. They can also respond to customer queries, orders and requests in addition to updating appointments, contact information and opportunities from anywhere providing Managers with an immediate overview snapshot of how their people are doing at any time.

If you have a CRM that is integrated to social media you also have access to the world wide web and all the information out there on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites providing an incredibly detailed personal profile on your customers and potentially your competition.

In an age where people expect instant gratification a mobile CRM is a vital repository for information about your customers and contacts and can track them through your contact and communications with them, and their general interaction/s on the web.

Conclusion - Now an essential tool

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have become essential to business; in an age when customer expectation is instantaneous and eternal you need to have all information about your contacts and your customers at hand at all times. Most of us are now familiar and comfortable with mobile devices so that we can’t do without them . Mobile CRM’s offer great convenience; they are flexible and functional and add value to the user and customer experience. No longer are you tied to your desk.  Mobile CRM frees your people to provide the information they need to do their job whenever they need it, wherever they need it.

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