Many Hands Make Light Work - Use A Subject Matter Expert

By Enabliser Kim

Is that true? I believe it is, but only if those hands are good at what they do - a Subject Matter Expert! For example you have introduced a new product range into your business and wish to upload the product information into your business system and introduce the go to marketing strategy to your team members. Not hard, you're thinking?  Well, you may be right, if you know your business solution inside and out and have great eMarketing and collaboration tools.  It's just not about entering the new product code into inventory module if you have a fully integrated solution. There are many other areas in your IT business solution that need to be reviewed and the new product included, there's your standard reports you run on a regular basis, any associated price lists, a communication piece internal and external for instance.

When it comes to your IT business solution and any improvements and/or changes you wish to make you should ask for that extra hand and bring in a Subject Matter Expert. This way you will get the best result and it should also lead to an improvement to your business productivity. A good Subject Matter Expert is a creative collective with your business goals at heart they will work with you to promote inspiring, engaging & informative dialogue and then assist to deliver the results. To learn more about business productivity click here to read our Enabling White Paper.

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