Making it Easy and More Efficient for ERP Users

By Enabliser Andrew

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, otherwise known as accounting systems, can do a lot to make our lives easier - more efficient, effective and productive, make faster and more effective decisions. They allow us to accomplish more in a day, and when easy to use, do even more.  When the screens that each user sees for their daily tasks are matched for their data entry and provide the right information for their job, we are maximising user efficiency and productivity. It is not necessary to put up with a stock standard setup.

An example in Sage 300, for Sales Order Entry shows how we can modify the setup to tailor it for just what they need. The transaction entry screen can be modified to do away with fields that aren’t used.

There is no need to tab your way through columns you don’t use, when you are only entering information into a few of them. Users can change the order that columns appear in, and even hide columns you don’t need.

If you do this, a user could just have an order entry screen with five columns:

  • Item number,
  • Quantity ordered,
  • Unit price,
  • Discount and
  • Comments.

This is just a small example of a simplified screen. You can have more fields, of course.

It is also possible to hide specific parts of a screen – using a much more powerful tool, UI customisation. By using this, different users can have their screens customised - differently for each user if you want, and better meeting the differing needs of different users in a department.

Other things you can do include personalised, ad-hoc query lists and automation of report production.

The secret is to find the right balance between allowing your people to work the way they want and capturing the key data you need. It can be a win-win situation for everyone.

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