Making Big Plans!

Write it Down, and It will Happen

Enabliser Kim

...that's the best way to make big things happen.  Where it be for business or a personal projects write down your plans. Share them with trusted colleagues. Seek out team members and accomplices.

Shun the non-believers. They won't be easily convinced, but they can be ignored.

Why then, are you hesitating to make big plans?

There doesn’t seem to be any doubt among goal-setting experts that written goals produce better results than goals that are aren’t written down.  Writing goals in a place where you can easily see them has the effect of reminding you of your commitment to yourself, and it also allows other people to add their support and ideas to the accomplishment of your goals.

When writing down our goals, you automatically begin to scan our environment, people and situations that will facilitate attainment of those goals. The simple process of writing down a goal seems to stimulate a more hopeful mind-set.  Written goals also allow us to immediately identify what is called “goal conflict” and to adjust our pursuits appropriately.

Mind Maps

Many people swear by mind mapping as a way to organise or break down big projects and create smaller steps and goals with accountability to take them to completion.  Mind maps are like a wheel with spokes coming out from the centre, which typically depicts the finished goal.  Related goals or sub-goals branch out from the spokes.  The advantage of this system is you can actually see your goals in a visual way, and you can individualise the steps, eg using colour.  Many people find this method allows them to think more expansively.

With IT projects, the goals of the projects are written down, but sometimes not revisited.  This will never make for a successful project.  At Enabling we follow a proven Services Methodology, which at the initial start of the project relationship we collect the goal data, and then we take a sneak peek at different stages of the project.  This can be helpful to look at – to ensure the project is still on track to achieving the original goals and/or to see if you need to adjust something in the project plan to secure not only the project success, but the goals targets!

There are lots of other ways to approach goals setting such as Bucket-list, Vision Boards, Scrapbooks however, you set out it doesn’t really matter, as long as you start writing your plans down!

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