Maintaining a Competitive Edge with an Integrated ERP Solution

By Enabliser Howard

How do you maintain a competitive edge when the economy is difficult? You’re running so hard, keeping up that extra edge is difficult to maintain. It means knowing clearly what’s going on in all parts of the business, ensuring operations are managed as efficiently as possible, and finding new ways to seek out new customers and further enhance relationships.  It’s easy to keep using the familiar entry level solution you started off with, not realising how much extra work it’s causing you, with data entry doubled up, using multiple spreadsheets for reporting and analysis. And you don’t appreciate what you’re missing, such as information to make decisions, how you handle inventory and part numbers and how you can do things more efficiently.

Many of our customers do this with our comprehensive solutions that provide business management functions covering sales, customer relationships, financial management and operations. Our solutions help increase and drive profitable growth. An integrated system is an important foundation to increase business efficiency, to drive growth.  Your selected solution also needs to be easy to use and maintain, and affordable to implement.  To speak with a consultant about an integrated solution, please click here to contact us @ Enabling.

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