Love your system audit

Enabliser Steve

How long since you’ve had an objective review of your system and how it is set up? Are there new features and add-ons which could make you more efficient,  improve your productivity?  Have you changed and your system needs tuning and polishing, like your car?

A System Audit will do this. In a fast changing world it makes good sense annually (or in parts of the organisation) and at least every few years.

It includes the analysis and documentation of how your system is set up, along with a review of your operating system and hardware environment. Additionally crucial manual procedures associated with your system are reviewed and documented.

Once we have completed the audit we will present you with a System Audit Report documenting how your software system is set up (by company) to facilitate maintenance and support. The report will include suggested changes and enhancements covering the fine tuning of your system, suggested reports to monitor the heartbeat of your business and recommend procedures to optimise and preserve the value of your system. It will draw on the years of experience we have built up installing and supporting ERP and CRM systems in a variety of environments.

When a prospective customer asks Enabling about taking over the support for their organisation and existing system, one of the things we do is conduct a System Audit. You can see why.  We check what works, what they like and what they don’t like, and what could be done better.  It means the system is documented, so we both know what to expect and setting a foundation for the future.

For existing customers too, it is good to occasionally stand back and objectively review your system. Has your system kept up with changes in your organisation, processes? Are there staff who could do with training, or learn about features they are behind on, or new reports to improve their productivity?

If you haven’t had a System Audit for a few years, you could be surprised at the value it offers.

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