How Will You Be Transparent With Your Customers?

Better Supply and Demand Forecasting with Cutting-Edge Technology

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group found that 58 percent of food companies struggle to manage unpredictable demand.* Supply can also be quite volatile, as weather or other unforeseen events affect agricultural production.

How can you most effectively cope with these challenges?  Leading companies turn to Sage X3, a powerful solution for business intelligence and forecasting in the food industry.

Ground breaking organic yoghurt maker Five:am Life have used Sage X3 to help them grow their business exponentially in the last few years.  Sage X3 software and the team at Enabling were the perfect fit for Five:am.  The software allowed for strict and tight control in all aspects of their production and many of the Enabling team members had extensive experience in manufacturing operations.  Find out more by downloading our case study.

To learn more about improving transparency or resolving challenges in food manufacturing join our webinar.

Webinar 19th November 2015 at 12pm AEST

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