How to Target Customers More Effectively Using Marketing Campaigns in CRM

By Enabliser Howard

Recently, while working at home, I picked up a telemarketing call. As I hadn’t announced my name, the caller immediately thought that they were calling a residential phone, apologised “Oh, you shouldn’t have been in this campaign, I wonder how your number got on this list!”
When preparing a marketing campaign, whether you send email newsletters or do telemarketing, you should always know why a particular contact is on your list!
1. Decide how you want to segment your customers, companies and personal details.
2. Create the fields in the CRM system
3. Encourage sales team and admin team to keep the data updated, run a competition for the most complete data, have traffic lights to identify the “Green” contacts, where all the relevant info is populated, Orange contacts and Red when the data is still empty.
4. Where possible, update the details automatically from the ERP system or the website
5. Create groups in CRM, check the list of contacts
6. Send your email campaign or do the phone calls
7. Keep data updated.
8. Track the results – How many new subscribers to email newsletters, how many new sales, pipeline increase
9. Refine your segmenting criteria based on campaign results
10. Ensure contacts who unsubscribe do not receive further communications

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