How to Reduce Risk when Implementing a Business Management Software Solution

By Enabliser Kim

Enabling is proud to publish our latest White Paper, How to Reduce Risk.  This white paper discusses the risks which can occur with the implementation of new business software solutions, what organisations can do to avoid them and Enabling’s approach to controlling these risks.

If a software implementation goes wrong, the consequences may be serious, perhaps expensive, disruptive, or worse.  How do we minimise this risk and obtain the many benefits the right solution can provide?  This white paper examines the risks involved with software selection and implementation, considers their causes and what can be done to minimise this, so the expected benefits materialise.

To learn more about managing the risks associated to a software implementation, please click here to download our whitepaper or if you want to speak to one of our Enabling Trusted Advisor, click here to contact us.

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