How CRM Increases Your Marketing Power

By Enabliser Helene

What is marketing about really? It is about Influence. Your ability to influence a person or organisation to be their first choice. How do you achieve this  influence, to be their first choice? Here are four ways to Influence your prospects and customers:

• Create Interest and Desire
• Bonding
• Proof
• Samples

You can use one of these ways, or more successfully, use all of them in your marketing process.  When we talk about interacting with many prospects and customers there needs to be a system in place, preferably a CRM system managing and keeping track of all your interactions with your prospects and customers.

Here are 10 examples of how CRM can increase your marketing power:

1. Email marketing provides an enormous potential to influence your prospects and customers in all the 4 above ways:
a. Send valuable content which creates interest and desire. Start a conversation to really find out what your prospects and customers value
b. Bonding by providing stories they relate to and buy into
c. Send testimonials which can give both proof and be samples
d. Send offers regarding testing or to trial your product or service

2. Measure and improve based on the responses you get. Be a learning machine and continuously improve. Find out what people value by seeing what actions they take. Remove what they don’t want. It is as important to know what they don’t want as what they want. You save time and money not doing the things they don’t value

3. Targeted messages – Based on the actions they take, create sub-lists with targeted messages to overcome their objections

4. Score Leads - Automatically score leads based on key criteria to identify and focus on your high quality leads

5. Use squeeze pages – Do special offers or online campaigns using separate squeeze pages so there is only one action  available for the prospect or customer to take

6. Smoother transition from Marketing to Sales - The sales person can see what interactions have happened during the marketing process and the knowledge about the prospect is easily transferred to sales

7. Upsell to customers – Continuously upsell to customers who already bought your brand. Create campaigns based on information captured in interactions in other areas of the business e.g. service.

8. Model what works – Re-use campaign templates and emails which had a great response. Start with the successful material and change it to fit your new message

9. Split test and learn – Test and measure all marketing material, online and offline. Test what material a small group prefers and then send to the whole list

10. Work efficiently – Use workflows to streamline processes and approvals. Set up  alerts and reminders for key tasks to be completed on time e.g. contacting new Leads

If this has been interesting or useful please click here Contact Us. We can provide a free CRM Health Check if you want to investigate how CRM can help you. The risk is all ours and we are sure you will learn something about your business which makes it worthwhile.


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