How CRM Can Help Keep Your Customers Engaged

By Enabliser Natasha

The decade has seen social media boom – during this time CRMs have had to evolve into a new beast, a more social, fully integrated CRM that allows companies to harness just some of the social information now available to us.

CRMs are now focussed on being customer centric and therefore are being used by everyone and not specific departments. A truly Social CRM allows dynamic interaction in real time with customers – this means we can now keep our customers engaged on a whole new level. Social CRM can identify customer (or new customer) interest in product, news, communities – anything your business is promoting – by monitoring interaction through social media channels.

So why integrate to Social CRM

  • Facebook has 1500 million users, and is increasingly being used as a business tool
  • LinkedIn has over 16 million active users and ever second two new people join so your network is always growing
  • Twitter increases lead generation by 34%

Exactly how does a Social CRM help

  • Huge scope for lead generation
  • Identifies the needs of the prospects before you even know them
  • Can catalogue what prospects are talking about
  • Provides access to exponentially more data for easy analysis
  • Communication in real time
  • Ability for faster and better personalised customer service
  • And as will all CRMs allows for closer collaboration and full company transparency

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