How to Cherish Your Leads. The Benefits of Web to Lead Capture in CRM

By Enabliser Howard

When potential customers are interested enough in your products and services to leave their details on your website - wanting more information, they expect to be contacted, the quicker the better. What is the best way to do it, telling them, as Madonna sang so powerfully, “I will always cherish you.” In a recent enquiry, I followed it up in just over 30 minutes, you could really hear in the person’s voice how pleased they were to be contacted so fast, when their interest was still very high. How do we cherish our leads like this consistently?  It’s easy: contact them as fast as possible and follow it up with unbeatable service. But how do you ensure it happens all the time, gets followed up, by the most appropriate person and none ever slip through the cracks?

There is a solution tailor-made for handling this, Web to Lead. With a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, you can automatically capture leads from your website and direct them to the right people – with a built-in follow up to ensure they are not missed or forgotten, and even allowing for people to be away on holiday.

When a person making an enquiry, your Lead, enters their details on your website, this information can immediately be sent to the right person to handle the enquiry, without delay. And the information is recorded, and not lost. You may also want an email generated, telling the responsible person that an Enquiry/Lead has been allocated to them.

How does it work? The enquiry details are captured by your CRM, with workflow set up to direct it to the right person. This may be a person who allocates the lead to a selected person, or an automated process that uses criteria based on how the Enquiry Form on the website is filled in, e.g. region, product, industry. It is normal to have a follow up process too, so that if the Enquiry is not followed up, an Alert is sent to management – and nothing goes wrong. Because the data is in your CRM it can be tracked and reported on and you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

There are many advantages to this simple process:

  • Immediate updating of CRM
  • Efficient, no need to enter details a second time
  • Reduced risk of error, mistakes in data entry
  • Routing of enquiries to the right person, fast
  • Speeding up the sales process
  • Improved productivity and sales process

Web to Lead has become an important productivity tool for any sales organisation. Not only does it speed up and simplify the lead gathering process, reduce errors and mistakes, it simplifies the process for our potential customer too – making it easy to deal with you, and improve your sales success rate. It’s another example of how modern IT technology makes us run smarter.

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