How to change the currency symbol on the opportunities funnel in Sage CRM

By Guest Blogger Ger Plante | Sage CRM

We have been asked about the currency symbol displayed on the opportunity funnel in Sage CRM, and where it is set.

Despite what the labels on the funnel might suggest, the currency displayed on the funnel is not affected by setting the user’s Forecasting Currency field. Instead it is set at the user level in the user’s preferences. Here is how to set the currency:

Go to <My Profile> | Administration | Users | Users | User Preferences. The user’s currency is displayed in the Currency field of the Login and Session Preferences panel. To change it, click Change and select the required currency from the Currency drop-down list.

Note: If you do not see a Currency field for the user, you need to enable multi-currency. See note 1 below.

As mentioned, there is another, forecasting-specific currency field available, but it does not affect the opportunity funnel. It is used and displayed under the Forecast tab.

To see the forecasting currency, go to <My Profile> | Administration |Users | Users | User Details tab. The Forecasting Currency field is in the More User Details panel. To change the selected forecasting currency, click Change and select the required currency from the drop-down list.

Note 1: If you do not see the user’s Currency field on the User Preferences tab, go to <My Profile> | Administration / Data Management / Currency Configuration and change the Is Single Currency setting to No. This enables the multi-currency functionality and allows the user to set their own preferred currency. This is also the place to set the system’s base currency.

Why so many currencies? Having currencies set up like this allows for the very real scenario of a company based in the US, with a Sales Rep in the UK selling to UK prospects, but whose Manager is based in Germany. In this scenario, the base currency would be US dollars, the Sales Rep's preferred currency would be GBP (the user’s pipeline would be GBP) and the forecasting currency would be Euro for the benefit of his manager in Germany.

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