Have you Realised what Lead Management can do for your Business? If Not, this Might be the Most Important Blog to Read!

By Enabliser Helene

If you think Lead Management is just about automating the emails you receive, you are missing some benefits. Automated emails are one source of Leads.

Leads are the start of our sales pipeline and used to identify potential sales revenue and drive new business. If we don’t get a consistent flow of high quality Leads how will our business survive long-term?  Intelligent Lead Management is about Lead tracking and distribution across your sales and marketing team.  Both managers and reps can easily use CRM to monitor inquiries from prospects and efficiently direct qualified Leads to the right salespeople at the right time. The result: Sales reps always have quick access to the hottest leads, and nothing falls through the cracks.

In addition to this, Lead Management has far more benefits:

  • One single, central system for all Leads -  so they are easily accessible to view progress
  • Streamline lead scoring and conversion
  • Highlight and set up automatic follow up actions for the most promising leads
  • Streamline the qualification process by using guided questions
  • All it takes is a single click to convert qualified leads to sales Opportunities. You can also notify field sales reps when deals are assigned to them
  • Link email messages to leads or opportunities
  • Quickly import Leads from trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other offline sources: manual data entry and Lead tracking become things of the past
  • Reps can easily identify prior interactions with a Prospect before following up. Easily merge duplicate Leads with existing leads, contacts, and accounts
  • Use Lead queues and assignment rules to automatically send leads to the right sales area or rep based on your organisation’s business rules. 
  • Restrict reps from accessing leads not in their own territories. You can also securely manage lead allocation to your channel partners
  • You can also securely manage lead allocation to your channel partnersQuickly segment your customer database to identify new leads

 Intelligent Lead Management ensures leads are handled promptly and properly, and sales opportunities are maximised rather than missed.  To learn more about Lead Management click here to talk to an Enabling Trusted Adivsor.

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