Fresh Food – Challenges for a Fast-Moving Market

By Enabliser Kim

Fresh is everything! It must be of best quality and on the shelf as quickly as possible. We don’t need to tell you that; your competition is fierce and competing on every angle, whether that be turn-around times, price or globalisation efficiencies. In order to gain market share and prosper, companies in the Fresh Food sector must deliver high quality products and services at value for money.

To achieve this essential goal, maintain customer satisfaction and stay in business, in my experience there are three key things that help dynamic companies to stand out:

  • Streamline their processes
  • Adopt best practices
  • Use innovative technologies

In my experience there are several standard tools and processes that are now critical to achieve your goals in the Fresh Food Industry, which include:

  • Real Time Scheduling
  • Improved Customer Order Turnarounds
  • Better Stock Management (Raw Materials & Finished Goods)
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance
  • Total Tracking & Traceability

In addition to providing these fundamental requirements, a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution must be capable of evolving at the same pace as the sector’s organisations, providing solutions to problems and assisting you as you face new challenges. Manufacturing, B2B, Mobility, and Business Analytics / Intelligence are at the core of new practices and a necessity for successful manufacturing businesses. In order to combine performance, innovation and strategic decision-making in a fast-moving market, it is, of course, critical to keep ahead with technical and organisational developments, and be equipped with appropriate solutions, implemented by partners who are both knowledgeable about your business constraints, and share your drive.

Our whitepaper will helps make sense in the fast-moving world of Fresh Food, of the numerous business challenges you face and the processes and practices that can help you respond efficiently and stay ahead. It explores new technologies appearing in the market place which already benefit businesses and will continue into the future.

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