A Fresh Approach to Manufacturing Live Webinar Presentation

Enabling can help Yo-get a fresh approach to manufacturing!

Find out how fresh food innovators Five:am selected a ERP solution
 to stay ahead of the competition.

As a food and beverage manufacturer you are aware now more than ever of the importance of track and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process.  Your company must effectively tackle the challenges of managing industry-specific requirements and legal mandates. Not only must you effectively fill customer orders, manage recipes, control inventory and plan production in an increasingly competitive environment, you must meet comprehensive health and safety regulations.

Imagine being able to combine fast performance, innovative features and strategic decision making in an efficient system - geared for your market - the Fresh Food industry sector. It's no longer impossible, it is a reality!

Fresh Food Live Webinar Presentation

22 April 2015  

12 noon AEST

  30 minutes presentation  
+ Q&A time

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Hosted by John Haley
and Hugo Badenhorst

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