Five steps to improving the performance of your sales team

By Guest Blogger David Beard | Sage CRM

The modern salesperson draws upon multiple talents, constantly balancing yin and yang in their business lives. They must sell their product but not be too pushy. Be fluent in company speak but not jargon-y. Relentless but charming. Good with numbers, but also with people. In today’s business world they must be a jack of all trades, but most importantly, they must be master of the customer relationship.

Efficiency and effectiveness are the watchwords for all businesses today. With multiple leads at any one time, all at different stages of the cycle, sales reps have numerous irons in any number of fires. Organisations need to make sure that these can be converted efficiently and effectively, and the first step is equipping your front-line sales reps with the right tools.

Here are five things you can do to support your sales team and boost their performance:

1 - Improve collaboration – whether it’s between senior account managers and on-the-ground reps or amongst peers, collaboration is vital. Making information sharing as easy and quick as possible benefits everyone.

2 - Make planning simple – forecasting is key, enabling potential issues to be identified and strategies to be adjusted accordingly. Give your sales team easy-to-use planning tools to make sure they’re keeping track of the right information and can forecast what their next action should be.

3 - Insightful reporting – all teams need insight into what’s already happened and been achieved. Looking back is the first step before working out how to move forward. Make sure your sales team can see what’s worked and who to call next.

4 - Boost efficient opportunity management – this should be clear, efficient, and up-to-the-minute. The value of a real-time view of the opportunities pipeline cannot be overstated, and your team needs it all at their fingertips.

5 - Effective sales processes – put simply, make sure the right thing is happening at the right time. If your day-to-day processes run like clockwork then it will help your sales pipeline to do the same.

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