Enabliser Sheena finishes Oxfam 100k Trail Walk - Congratulations!

On Friday 28th August, Sheena Chew from Enabling participated in the Oxfam 100 km Trail  Walker to raise money for this good cause.

It was a gruelling 37 hours and 58 minutes of pain, tears and frustrations, but it was a sweet (but extremely painful) victory. 

For those who haven’t heard of Oxfam, here’s a brief description about the event and where the fundraising goes to:

Teams of four enter this event and have 48 hours to walk or run the 100km trail, although our team was hoping to finish in 32 hours.  We walked through the night, with no sleep until the end.  This was very arduous, with everyone needing to take a large amount of pain killers.

The event raises vital funds for Oxfam Australia.  Oxfam is an independent, secular, non-government organisation working in more than 28 countries and Indigenous Australia. My team “Sydney Bushwalking Group Team 9” raised funds to help some of the world’s poorest people. Our fundraising enables Oxfam to continue its work delivering projects that support orphans and people affected by HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa, that educate people in Laos on efficient farming techniques and that improve Indigenous health and wellbeing in regional Australia.

There is still an opportunity to donate to this amazing cause. 

Here’s the link to my team’s web page. Just click on the “DONATE” link if you would like to make a donation:


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