Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Customers? Part 2

By Enabliser Helene

In our previous article we discussed four of the ways it is very easy to damage our relationship with our customers, harming something often carefully built up over time. The mistakes were 1. Not Knowing the Customer, 2. Shuffling the Customer, 3. Over Promising and Under Delivering and 4. Taking the Customer for Granted. Part 2 continues with three more issues to avoid, looking at the best ways of dealing with a problem.

1. Not Being Proactive When a Problem Arises
When a customer calls about a problem, they get even angrier if they find out that your company knew about the problem, but didn't notify them immediately.  We are human. As much we hate to accept it, problems can arise.

Set up procedures and train your people to call customers as soon as they're aware of a problem. It is not always a pleasant call to make, but it is more pleasant than when the customer calls first.

2. Not Appearing Like They Care About the Customer's Complaint
Often customer service staff don’t show any care about a customer's concern, or may even get defensive when a customer complains. Perhaps it's a common complaint, so they've become hardened because they've heard it so often. Or perhaps there's nothing they can do about this issue.

Make sure the staff training includes people skills because when you care and show you care about the problem, many problems will be resolved quicker, and the customer feels that your business is concerned about their issue.

3. Lack of Follow up
You can’t always solve every customer related problem in a matter of moments.  There is nothing wrong with explaining to the customer that you need time to investigate their problem but there needs to be a commitment to get back to the customer with a response.  Failure to get back to a customer, once a commitment is made, is like telling them that their business is not very important to you.  If you are going to be delayed in responding, make a point of letting the customer know.

Set up processes and procedures where you provide customers with updates as soon as you have them.  Teach your team how important it is to live up to their commitments to your customers and to one another.
Each of the mistakes covered above can of course be turned around into a great way of retaining your customers. Mistakes will always occur. How we deal with it separates the great from the ordinary. Technology has a role here. With workflow you can support your processes to help your front line people, guiding them through your agreed process. To learn more about Workflow and business automation contact us to speak with a CRM consultant.

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