Data Integrity Checks – a Health Check for your System

By Guest Blogger
Anne Fouche, Orchid Business Systems

Computers and systems are so reliable these days, we can forget that things can go wrong – until too late and we regret putting off those maintenance tasks.  Your data integrity is one of those items we take for granted, and your ERP system has many features to protect this.  What can go wrong? Program bugs – unlikely but possible. Editing the database and by-passing the system integrity checks. Database problems, such as corrupted indexes. Incorrect backups or restores, such as doing single tables instead of the whole system. Hardware glitches, due to hardware, power or memory failures.  These aren’t common. Sage 300 ERP is extremely stable and reliable but these glitches are out of the control of Sage 300 ERP.  Sage 300 ERP has a Data Integrity Checker, however due to the massive job of checking every record in the database, people often ask for a lighter solution to run overnight.

The module for Sage 300 ERP that does this is Orchid Process Scheduler. This allows you to schedule when the Data Integrity checks are run, ideally after hours, as well as what is checked and send alerts about any errors it uncovers. This allows you break the task up into manageable chunks, allowing for time available and hardware use and then schedule it all.  Think of it like setting up a health check for your system, while you sleep soundly.

To keep your database optimised for the smooth running of your system, running maintenance jobs (rebuilding indexes and statistics) on your database is essential.

To find out more about Orchid Process Scheduler, ask your Enabling consultant, or visit the Orchid Business Systems website -just click here.

And don’t forget regular, full backups are vital, in the case of a really catastrophic failure.

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