CRM. They were Quiet when we introduced CRM. But when they saw the Result…Wow!

By Enabliser Helene

Some time ago we were showing a CRM quoting tool to a new customer. The participants were seeing their new CRM system for the first time, it included Quote Management. They knew CRM and had a system before, so were not excited about a new system. The presentation started quietly until we showed them the quoting tool in the system.

They absolutely loved the quoting tool. What did they love about it? 

  • It was so quick and easy to select products and services
  • It was so relevant to their jobs, exactly what they needed
  • A complex process was made simple
  • They could make quick quotes in minutes 
  • The tool could also handle more complex scenarios that they asked for - but never thought would happen
  • How the quote was presented was flexible, so they could customise it to the customer’s requirements

The above observations were immediately noticed by users. Here are more benefits of the quoting tool, and just as exciting:

Simpler Process

  • Accelerate the Quoting process
  • Eliminate costly order entry errors and delays
  • Deliver personalised quotes 
  • Can be used for quotes, proposals, orders and bills-of-material (BOM)
  • Quotes and orders can flow to CRM or ERP/accounting
  • Can be used on-premise or online 

Easy to use

  • Simplify complex quoting
  • Provide standard and configured products on one quote or order
  • Easily navigate large product catalogues
  • Offer up-selling and cross-selling capabilities
  • Create accurate product configurations easily
  • Design unlimited hierarchical product tiers
  • Add pictures and helpful suggestions for each defined feature or option
  • Automate product bundles and kitting

It’s not necessary to do this the hard way. Enabling made it easy for this company.  What about your company?  Click here to contact an Enabling Trusted Advisor about a CRM solution for your business.

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