CRM: A Startling Fact

Enabliser Helene

What do most companies strive for? One of the key drivers is to stay ahead of their competition, right?

A successful way of staying ahead of the competition is to outperform your competitors in delivering value to your customers. If you deliver more value than your competitors it is pretty obvious who prospects and customers will choose, isn’t it?

Use a CRM system to deliver outstanding and consistent high value to your prospects and customers:

  • Keep track of your customers’ information and needs in detail
  • Enter reminders to be proactive
  • Have automated tasks to make sure you exceed the prospects’ and customers’ expectations 
  • Record any transaction related to the customer, whether it is a Marketing, Sales or Service interaction - visible for everyone to see (you can also limit the access if you want)
  • Register what is crucial to your prospect’s customers and make sure everyone who interacts with them knows directly what is important and delivers accordingly

To ensure you have a consistent approach to managing your customer relationships it needs to be systemised, it needs to be unified, and the users need to be trained in the best ways of interacting with your customers.

Without a system, Sales Manager Ben will advise his team to handle certain situations in one way and Sales Manager Tom will advise his team to use a different approach. Both might be good, however we are not delivering a consistent message to our customers.

An inconsistent message to our customers decreases the trust - which is one of the crucial things to develop strong long term relationships.

CRM: A tool to deliver value and help outperform your competitors. It’s easy.  That’s startling.

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