CRM Seven Steps to a Smarter Business

By Enabliser Helene 

What are critical keys to a successful business? Its people and the systems they run. When you have clever systems automating or running your business efficiently, you can create more with less people and ensure a consistent outcome.

When I talk about systems here I mean the broad definition of a system which is a set of detailed methods, procedures, and routines established or formulated to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem. This system can be using a computerised system or clever procedures creating the outcome you want.

How do you get your people to run smarter systems in your business?

  1. Clear Vision – Get clarity regarding your vision and what you want to achieve. To get your people to come on board they need to know where you are heading and what is expected from them.
  2. Narrow Niche – Review your target market and create a niche market which is focused and a targetable portion of the market. The narrower your niche is, the more successful you will be; it helps you achieve greater mastery and results.
  3. Really Get to Know Your Customers – A common mistake is to think we actually know who our customers really are. We might know them on the surface, but what is most important to them and what keeps them awake at night? There may also be a difference between what they say they want and what they need and you need to deliver both.
  4. Build Strong Relationships – Strong relationships are fundamental to the growth of any business. When you really know your customers it is easy to deliver outstanding value which creates trust and strong relationships. When you give more value than your competitors your customers will want to hang around.
  5. Implement Clever Systems – Implement clever systems which can run your customer and backend processes more effectively, have your people to work more efficiently and give you insights about prospects and customers on your fingertips. With systems in place you will also make sure your deliver a consistent outcome which builds trust with customers.
  6. Collect Feedback and Improve – Continuously ask for feedback. How will you otherwise find out how your prospects and customers perceive the value you provide? There is always room for improvement and if you implement what your customers suggest, they are likely to buy your new products and services you are offering and will stick around because you are offering what they want.
  7. Set up an Ascending Model – Provide different levels of value to your customers, start with a low entry point and as they want to get more of your products and services they will pay you more money. By using a model like this you will get a larger portion of the prospects to become customers and your customer lifetime value will be higher.

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