Business Intelligence for Everyone

Enabliser Steve

Business Intelligence, or BI, according to Wikipedia “refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making”.

How often do you make decisions based on intuition and “gut feel”? Wouldn’t it be good to have your decisions supported by solid statistical data?

This is not always possible, but often Accounting, ERP and CRM systems hold key business information which, if presented correctly, can improve your decision making. BI gives you the tools to organise and sift through huge amounts of data allowing the user to see causes, trends, common factors, exceptions using graphs, spreadsheets, dashboards, alerts, reports.

Historically Business Intelligence has been viewed as an expensive luxury for big companies only. Solutions needed to be developed from the ground up, as Business Intelligence Software consisted of toolsets to develop custom solutions requiring months of expensive specialists’ time. Thankfully this is no longer the case. Today’s solutions ook into leading Accounting, ERP and CRM systems out of the box and, depending on your requirements, may require little or no customisation.

If you have got to the point where you feel you need more relevant information to support your decision making please get in touch with us. Enabling have been assisting companies with their Business Intelligence requirements since 1993 and may be able to provide you with a solution which won’t break the bank!

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